An Adventure Series Idea

I’m a total dork when it comes to behind the scenes or director commentaries. I love to learn the tidbits, Cliff-Clavin facts on how films are made.

When Corbin and I watch a film (especially if it’s one of our constant faithfuls we’ve seen multiple times: The Shining, Christmas Vacation, The Big Lebowski, too many more to list) I’ve been known to memorize its IMDB trivia and wait for the appropriate scene to spout off my gem of knowledge. Rightfully so, it drives Corbin crazy.

I think this strange quirk of mine stems from Stephen King’s collection of short stories Nightmares & Dreamscapes.

In the back of the book, he let’s us, the readers, know where each story comes from.

So, I thought it appropriate, for my first blog post to cover the beginning of this adventure series. (If you purchased the audiobook for Gift of Dane Vol. One the following is also in my afterword):

The idea for Gift of Dane originally came to me as a short story: an ode to my favorite, campy movie The Burbs.

My short story idea started with an outdoor dinner party with close friends. After a few too many beverages, they decide to break into the neighbor’s house, where they’ve seen strange lights shooting out of the widows. It occurred to me it’d be fun if it were kids instead of adults. This 20,000-50,000 word count short story has grown into, an 8 Volume first novel, and in my mind, a 7 novel series.

So the gem of knowledge I want to pass along to you, Fellow Reader, is nurture your creative seedlings. You never know what they might grow up to be. I’m grateful I did for Gift of Dane and The Crabapple Gang series.






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